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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
for the last two hrs. for #5 "Maid of the Minute" one of the red females I saved a couple a years ago that I had posted on CT. Finally found her in a grass hollow in the back pasture that I have done searched. She had finally came out of the neighbors nearly clear cut timber through a hole in the fence with a pretty gray white star & snip bull calf. At least all is well with them and the predators didn't get the calf, that's what happened to the last one that made it out there some years ago. Now off to patch fence before another starts thinking on calving.
I don't know whats different this yr but I've had 2 calves this week and both mamas ALWAYS find a hiding spot and both were grazing with the herd and when they went into labor they had the calf right there amoungst them all. very odd

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