I am still here…just a lot has been going on

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Jul 3, 2023
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Northeastern Oklahoma (Ochelata, OK)
Well, I know I have been quite recently but a lot has happened here recently. Starting with me being sick, getting well, going back to work then getting the news of my mom passing away, my boyfriends father moving in with us, me getting sick again…it's been rough here recently.

But we are moving forward with the cattle, we are currently working on getting the pasture fenced off. With everything that's been happening it's been a work on it when we can process.

We are still moving my horses out there before winter.
We are still getting the three calves from a friend of ours.

With the 3 calves, we are planning on making the bull calf into a steer raising him up and taking him to butcher.

Our partners have a friend that breed and raise South Polls, we have discussed taking our 2 heifer calves and breeding with their South Poll bull. But not sure if that would be ok considering we really don't know what breed these calves really are. Or does it matter?

We have also discussed going to the sale and buying a 2 or 3 3 in 1s…weaning the calves, maybe keeping a couple of the heifers and breeding them…. I would like to see us get into either Brangus, Angus, Herefords or angus/Hereford crosses..

But that's the plan so far….

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