Anyone use a backup camera in thier tractor

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May 25, 2007
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N E Oklahoma
Saw one of those back up camera rigs at Sam's yesterday and i almost bought one to put in the tractor. i thought it might keep me from having to twist around so much when i was baling hay and for any other time for that matter. it looks like a good idea and they were pretty cheap and had a 7' color monitor. i was just wondering if anyone had tried one and how they worked. Some is grabbing them up because trhey only had a couple left.
I have a big back window and it does me good to twist around a little.
I can see where they would be helpful, but I don't have one. Let us know how you like it. (I know you're gonna buy:)
I was going to say, my tractors aren't that big that I can't see behind it. :p Do have a rearview mirror that helps to keep watch on what is happening when raking hay, but watching the baler requires me to set a little crooked in the seat. Not sure I'd be able to see everthing I want to see in on a 7 inch monitor anyway. Keeping an open mind, but then, just what gain would one add to the bottom line? Maybe if I were running one 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for 5 months......
I have sat crooked in a tractor for so long I don't think I could get used to one of those and I also think it would be a distraction, my tractors the seats swivel to the side so it makes it easier to see out the back

My wife says I have sat crooked so long that I even wear the truck seats uneven
If you had one of those how would people know you're a farmer since it would eliminate "plowmans neck"?
I don't know about in a tractor, but when I bought my new truck it came with a back up camera that appears in the rear view when you shift to reverse. I thought it was useless when I first saw it, but let me tell ya', I'll never buy a truck without one now. It is the best thing in the world for backing up to a trailer. I would have to say it'd be pretty handy on the tractor too.

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