Anyone frostseeding clover yet?

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Aug 20, 2008
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I was just wondering if anyone in the Midwest has started slinging clover yet? Also, have any of you tried broadcasting rye grass and if so were you succesfull? I have some rye seed left from last year and considered mixing it with the clover. Any thought appreciated.
I am not in the Midwest but I broadcasted some ryegrass about 3 weeks ago. I kept looking for the grass to come up because we had a week of above normal temps (low 60's) and never saw anything till this weekend. Then all of a sudden it was coming up everywhere. If you have a good situation where you can get good soil contact after a shower of rain I would give it a try. You could lose your time and seed and make nothing, or you could get a tremendous amount forage or hay with not too much cost. Just addressing the ryegrass question.
Edit to note that the ryegrass will be competing with the clover and may crowd it out, and the ryegrass will produce best if you add nitrogen which is not good for the clover. You may be better off with grain rye to mix the clover with as it will die out quicker.
I try to target when there is still 20 to 50% of the field still covered with snow. That way I can check my seed distribution but still get around.
Yes, I frost/snow seeded an area that somehow got missed last year when we threw the seed w/fertilizer in March 08...just threw it as it was a small area (.5 +acre)...hope the timing was right..the snow was melting and the ground still really frozen..We also did not get a big run off in this last I suspect it will be okay. Lots of folks around here did it before the 8" of snow.

We had great results last year 1st week of March. Donna
Frost seeded some fescue, rye grass,and white clover in January new moon. Will do some more this weekend as new moon will be next Tuesday. Anybody else sow using signs?

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