Alligator chasing a r/c boat

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Jogeephus":2dscfpq7 said:
For some reason they like to chase stuff on top of water. I've noticed that with fishing floats.

Reminds me of duck hunting. The park ranger told us where we could hunt on this lake. He warned us that there were gators there and told us not to shoot them under any circumstances. We asked him what the heck we were supposed to do? He said he didn't care as long as we didn't shoot the gators. We didn't hunt there. :nod:
It just seems that the little ones do this. I wonder if its not just play time for them. The big ones just sit there and watch you. What is spooky is when you are waste deep in a slough and you look over and see a big one eye-balling you then he slowly goes under water. This is unnerving to say the least.
You know how on tv, someone will be walking around at night with a gun out, and they hear a spooky noise and they start firing in every direction? Well, that would be me if that eyeball went under water.
Too bad it didn't run out of fuel. CHOMP!!!! :lol2:

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