AI vs Natural Service

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AI is just like any other tool. It's only as good or bad as the person using it.

From our recent experience I can tell you I will not be buying any ET animals. It can be tough to dodge AI and only go natural service but i would if I could.

I have been talking with a bunch of people now about what happened with the two ET Angus brothers we had. Come to find out we are not the only ones who have had issues. I was told to stay away from teh marbling bulls. Many others are saying there has been to much breeding, and inbreeding, of unproven lines in order to get that marbling score up.

Marbling is the hot ticket right now and the $$$ are too good to pass up for some breeders and associations. Sounds like they have abused AI and ET.

While I am on it since the Angus association loves their epds, they should add data for the region of each parent and for how they were developed to get those numbers. Were they in a feed lot, on grass, etc.
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