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I live in New York State. I have 2 bull calves and I would like to know which one should I keep as a bull or should I get them both steered.

The first one is 2 and a half weeks old he is a mix of 50% Holstein, 25% Angus, and 25% Charolais. His face is white and his body is mostly black with some white. He weights about 100 lbs.

The second is 2 weeks old he is 100% Jersey. He is not registered and I don't know if I can get him registered. He is very dark brown with some lighter brown on his nose and belly and a few grey hairs on his head. He weights about 55 lbs.

Which one would be more valuable as a bull?

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Steer both calves, they will do better for you as steers. The crossbred calf will be far larger, but his genetics are rather diverse to say the least. In New York you can purchase a purebred bull for a very reasonable price. If you only have a couple cows you could likely talk with a breeder that will help you out with a way to share a bull with a couple other neighbors to spread out the cost, or you could use A.I. when breeding time comes. Never use a bull just because he is able to sire a calf, better genetics are close by and don't cost, the better calves you get will pay.

Jason Trowbridge Southern Angus Farms Alberta Canada

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