A few bought cattle showing early

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Apr 26, 2010
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We bought 20 head of cows and heifers that the vet called later calving for the people we buy some of our bulls from. A couple heifers and one donor cow look a lot earlier that projected. The donor could be carrying an SAV America calf. We could be partners in the latest and greatest AI sire! Feb 20 will tell. Otherwise the cow is in April.
We told the sellers to keep the papers up and we will send any bull calves back for trading stock.
Last photo is some swamp grass we are feeding them along with pellets.171D57D1-9A07-46C2-AD09-C2C19E4E8E76.jpeg8C5B4B89-4EA1-49DD-9A2D-2D68CBE281D7.jpeg6A925250-EE1C-462C-B073-5729051DF11F.jpeg564A40AD-6B0C-4901-ABDB-5A18FBCB63C1.jpeg
Takes about $100 an acre fertilizer min. here to grow grass like that. Probably a few dollars an acre spraying too. Maybe 50% of the time we can get it baled that green and dry. Cattle look good, hopefully your America calf works out so you will have a nice black bull to breed that will overcome all your poor management!😂😂😂😂😂😂

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