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    Effect of systemic antibiotics on rumen function or gut moti

    Does anyone know of any references describing the effects of systemic antibiotics (i.e. those administered either IM or SubQ) on rumen function and or gut motility in cattle??? Thanks
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    What vaccinations should I give my cow??

    This is a general statement. Most people in Ohio vaccinate for IBR, PI3, BVD, and BRSV as well as lepto and vibrio. Those south of I-70 tend to vaccinate for blackleg and depending on your area (talk to your vet) you may also need to vacc. for one of more of the following Clostridium (many...
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    Definitely in the neck area......these cuts are of lower value therefore if there are any injection site blemishes the tissue that needs trimmed will be of lower value. do a search for beef quality assurance and many sites should tell you the same thing.
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    Select Sires

    I've used SS for a few years now. Good customer service and I really like the calves I get from their bulls. My only complaint is their lack of genetic diversity in their Angus roster. This may come back to haunt them since the cause of AM has been identified.
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    6 wt. calf with loose stool, no fever and good appetite

    Well, she's been on the same feed for 3 months, she was weaned early in order to go to the fair. and I wormed her over a week ago, actually that was the first thing I did. I have considered taking a fecal, but other than parasites, most diseases would either elicit a fever and or have been...
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    6 wt. calf with loose stool, no fever and good appetite

    One of my ~600 lbs heifers has developed a loose stool for the past two weeks that sometimes boarders on diarrhea but is not purely liquid. Her appetite has remained very good and she is drinking well. She has no fever and none of the other calves with her have developed any symptoms. She...
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    You have to be kidding

    Read the article, it makes some good points about the costs and logistics of operating the facility on the island. On the other hand, I for one am fearful about placing a facility like this in closer proximity to many of our livestock species, despite their assurances that these diseases will...
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    Multiple abortions, same cow

    Well, to answer a few of the questions posted above: All my cattle are AI'd, no bulls on premises. She was bred back to the same bull. As for vaccination program, all heifers are vaccinated with Bovishield Gold FP VL5 which covers IBR, BVD types 1 &2, PI3, BRSV Lepto and Vibrio. She had...
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    Why not Red Baldies?

    In this neck of the woods it's because of a little thing called CAB and $$$$. To me you are correct, there is nothing wrong with a good red baldie
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    Multiple abortions, same cow

    Anyone had the same cow abort multiple times and if so were you able to determine the cause. Rebred a 1st calf heifer of mine last June, she aborted in Nov. revaccinated her, rebred her in Feb and she just aborted again at almost the same pt. in gest. 4-5 mo. Needless to say her days here...
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    horns vs. no horns?

    Besides defense, what are horns used for? In this area we no longer have any lager predators and I don't keep my gunpowder in one so I do the easiest thing, breed it out of them. :cboy:
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    weaning a 7 mo.old heifer

    There is a device you can buy at the local farm store that fits in her nose but prevents her from nursing. I forget what it's called, but it allows her to be with her dam but interferes with nursing. I used one last year with good results....until she hung it up on a fence and ripped it out.
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    killing smart weed

    I had a bunch of smartweed in my pasture last year, sprayed it with 2,4-D and I had very little return so far this year.
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    Have Semen which Cow? Beefmaster Help

    Cows 2, 8 and 5. Any would be a good choice IMHO
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    Hereford bull

    I haven't used him, but I have ordered some of his semen to use for next year.