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  1. MO_cows

    Hello from Hillsdown Ranch :)

    HD, thank you very much for the update and for sharing with us. I had been wondering, and worrying, and I'm sure many others were too. Sorry for the misery of the treatment but it sounds like they are "dropping nukes" on the cancer and not taking any chances. Once you get thru the treatments...
  2. MO_cows

    Tarentaise Vs Gelbvieh

    You came close to re-inventing the Noble Line. Gelbvieh, Brahman, something else beef maybe it was Angus?? Never understood why those didn't take off. Their standards for culling were very strict and they used good seedstock of all the founding breeds. Gelbvieh is winning in Tarentaise vs...
  3. MO_cows

    Major events during my lifetime

    Say what? The Beatles music was a reflection of what was already happening in society and also the changes the individuals in the band were going thru. If music had that much influence we could all go around singing hymns and patriotic songs and cure society, no?
  4. MO_cows

    Don't text and drive

    Some woman rear-ended me the other night when I was stopped at a red light, don't know if she was on the phone or not. Only a little scratch so we didn't exchange information. Busy intersection, rush hour, just got out and looked at my car and went on. Then the next night some guy changed...
  5. MO_cows

    Major events during my lifetime

    Interesting thread! Some historical events I can remember very well, others not so much. I was alive when Kennedy was assassinated but too little to understand what was going on. But when Reagan got shot, that made an impact. Especially later when it came out how seriously injured he was...
  6. MO_cows

    KFC's New Colonel Sanders

    With today's technology, they could have taken images of the real Col Sanders and done some kind of magic. I don't like the new guy. There isn't a KFC anywhere near where we live. When I was out doing some Christmas shopping last year, I thought, oh boy I'll get a bucket of chicken for...
  7. MO_cows

    Blow air in or blow air out?

    We never had A/C when I was a kid. At some point there was a window unit for my dad's room, he slept days and worked nights. I was 21 years old and on my own before I ever had central air. I don't remember really suffering from the heat back then either but it sure bothers me now! My...
  8. MO_cows

    This is the coffee shop so....

    I like arabica bean coffee. Don't much matter what brand as long as it isn't too dark a roast and arabica beans. For everyday, just a little sugar in it. Once in a while, when there is real cream in the house, I'll put cream in it. And keep the coffee maker clean, run vinegar thru it once a...
  9. MO_cows

    my dad

    I am sorry for your loss, and the way it happened.
  10. MO_cows

    Church shooting in SC.

    What a horrible thing for the families and for the other members of the church. How does a person's mind get so twisted. Could have had a racial motivation because it was a traditionally black church, or been politically motivated because the pastor was also a state senator, or was he just...
  11. MO_cows

    Murray Grey bull calf

    A nice hindquarter especially for his age. Wish his sheath was tighter but he's definitely worth keeping a bull and letting him mature some more. I think MGs would be a lot more popular today if their association hadn't splintered off. Took an already small association and made it into 2 or...
  12. MO_cows

    my dad

    Sounds like you and yours sure could use some prayers! You got it.
  13. MO_cows

    Favorite Lines

    .....they're alvays comink and goink and goink and comink and alvays too soon!
  14. MO_cows

    What are you eating today?

    Fenceman I have tomato envy! It will be awhile before they get ripe up here. That's a good looking dinner and you should be proud.
  15. MO_cows

    An angel

    Sorry for your loss. It had to be a tough one. Your description of her passing was simple yet beautiful.