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    weird cyst

    Sounds like an inverted hair follicle, one of my horseshad one on her mid line right behind her withers, just kept it clean, not much of a problem This one sounds as if it was totaly under the skin, and kept developing hairs and exudate, very weird have one black cow with something similar...
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    scour management

    Hello, At the Beef cattle short course last year a DVM mentioned an off lable use of the inter nasal vaccine used to prevent resp. DZ he indicated that the mode of action of that inter nasal vaccine would disrupt the prolifferation of the virus causing the scours and would aid the calf in...
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    Usually the Tigerstipe is an F-1 from a Brahman Sire and Hereford Dam, or the reverse of that. The Tiger Stiping comes from the Brahman wild type gene for caot color, it does not follow any genetic rules and can do many variations of coat color. I use a Brahman Bull on Fullblood Limousin Cows...
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    Lick tubs

    Hello the only financial reason to utilize liquid feed or protein tubs is to increase the cost efficiency of maintaining your cow herd on available resources Feed your pet cow what ever you want, if you enjoy it and it makes you happy who cares what anyone else thinks, I was trying to bring up...
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    seaweed looking stuff in water tank to keep it clean

    That is a benefficial aquatic plant, great hiding place for bait fish, have not successfuly gotten it to grow in the tanks yet, Not Hydrilla (SP?) but very good plant for keeping water clear, and housing bait fish
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    ? heart failure in calf

    Hello, Have seen calves with heart murmurs, they die young, not cost effective to diagnose or treat, via Cardio Echo or meds to improve heart function, both require a specialist of veterinary cardiology, we have treated pet goats for cardio myopathy but they were "Pets", with cattle, which are...
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    I have seen several recommendations for Spectum

    Hello, the method of action of the Inter-Nasal vaccine has been shown to reduce viral growth by preventing the virus from reproducing as quickly, or prevent it from binding to the proteins to replicate, somehow it interups the mode of action This is an off label use however seems to work well...
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    pour-on dewormer???

    Hello, The pour on type wormers are designed primarily for ranch cattle not show calves, in fact several club calf raisers wont use the pour on because it damages the hair coat and can cause some hair loss, they opt for the oral paste type wormer and have good results, if all else fails, get a...
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    Lick tubs

    OK, this is for the folks who have more than a hundful of cattle Tub supplements provide a non-protein source of Nitrogen which the rumen microbes can convert into protein digestible by the rumenant I am in central Texas and have seen several years of drought where only poor quality forage is...
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    Border Opened

    Prices are as high as they have ever been in my lifetime, when I can take a 460# cull calf to the sale and bring home $750 after sale fees I would say that is pretty darn good The beef industry as a whole is very stong down here in Texas and even old cull cows are bringing in the upper 60's, if...
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    Cow Down--need advice ASAP

    Waite just a darn minute Do not sart Banamine after a course of Dex therapy, you can cause gastric ulcers big time, same goes for Bute. Hydro therapy, strong stream of water shot at the limbs to increase blood flow may help Do not EVER give Caldex in the Milk vein, you can get hurt, and hurt...
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    Easy fleshing??

    Back fat has nothing to do with being and easy keeper, it has everything to do with being fed beyond the finishing stage of growth Being an easy keeper relates to being able to maintain body condition on moderate ration or on available forage without much or any supplementation Marbling is...
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    Twins - Love 'Em or Hate 'Em

    As long as someone else raises them I like to keep twins for ET Recipients, they are very fertile and they sometimes will produce CL's on both ovaries so you double your chances on getting a pregnancy, we personally have two pairs of twins that are used in our ET program Raising twins is a...
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    USDA Hopes to Verify Cattle's Ages Through Physical Traits

    I thought we were talking about cow herds, last I checked you didn't run steers in the cow herd And yes I am aware that there is a huge varience in aging cattle by mouth, hell I have a 14 year old cow that you would mouth and say she was 8, but when you look at her tatoo you can varify her age...
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    State Fair of Texas and the Fall Clasic

    Hi Lloyd, if you go to http://www.kemilimousin.com and go to the links page, I have a link to "The Show Box", the leading publication for the TJLA, it has all the info on upcomming events for the TCCA, club Lamb, club pig, club goat, ect. It is a great magazine if you are tracking points, as...