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    Old Round Bales

    If they're rotten and you can't move them, you can pour the loose salt on them where they lay and the cows will eat them up.
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    $56.35 per hundred pounds (or 56.35 cents per pound) of cow in that group.
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    Totally useless terms

    Not necessarily "useless" terms, but it cracks me up everytime the auctioneer points out that calves are "big weaners" or "heavy weaners".
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    OBI All-Breed Spring Bull Sale

    Soft on quality, or soft on what cattlemen were willing to bid?
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    Frost seeding clover

    If there aren't a dozen or so more freeze/thaw cycles would it still work? Is the necessity of the freeze/thaw cycles to get seed contact with the soil? If so, would the wet sogginess of the ground make up for that? Thanks for the info., I appreciate it.
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    Frost seeding clover

    With our very wet and muddy conditions, and with more precipitation and freezing conditions :frowns: on the way here in NE Oklahoma, I was wondering if it would be a reasonable time to frost seed clover? The existing dormant grass is extremely short or nonexistent, having been tromped into the...
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    Grass Fed Beef People

    bDc, I have to agree. In my experience, grassfed beef (assuming similar genetics, gender, backgrounding, etc.) has a different (maybe "stronger", not necessarily worse) flavor, is leaner, and is a bit tougher. If the genetics are appropriate and the finish is adequate, the toughness has not...
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    Soon end of the pastureseason

    The cattle themselves are not much different. Swede has some nice looking cattle. But how would you like to be forced, by law, to "barn" all of your cattle in the winter? :o Talk about a nightmare! I bet if the animal rights nuts hear about that, they'll start pushing for that here in the...
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    Horse slaughter plant.

    It's already happened. Reliable sources tell me that some horse sales now require the seller to leave a deposit along with the horse to cover yardage, insurance, etc., in case the horse doesn't bring enough to cover it. Heard of two registered Quarter Horse yearlings sold for $60 apiece at a...
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    Market prices

    The most likely reason is that I am preparing to wean and sell calves. In my experience, this is the most likely factor to lower the price of weaning weight calves.
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    What I really hate!!!!!!!!!!!!! jam on the brakes to avoid rearending them, and then they drive a couple of hundred yards and turn off :mad:
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    Allergic Reaction

    I am glad you're doing well too. Allergic reactions can be quite scary. What is this you mention about "hospital closures"? It seems not too long ago, maybe during Clinton's reign, that the U.S. was considering modeling its healthcare sytstem after Canada's system. I think Hillary was...
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    composite bulls

    Most likely you are wrong (which is the only question I could decipher for sure), and should be corrected, but your post confuses me so much that I'm not sure.
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    Big Field

    I used to have a tractor like that! :lol:
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    It sounds like they are switching their vaccines to put the necessary ones (Vibrio, BVD, etc.) into separate formulations, so you have to buy both to get the coverage you want. Then trying to convince you that the increased cost will be offset by their verification program. Until you see this...