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Aug 14, 2009
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I have a, just turned one year, black baldy heifer. She was a bottle calf after the age of 4 weeks old. Her mother was a hereford, that was a bottle calf herself as a youngin'. I would like to breed Allspark; however I am wondering when would be a good time do so? She is still a small heifer, her mom wasn't real big either. I know she still has growing to do as she still stands on a rake. I don't want any issues with calving at too young of an age. We know someone who runs a cattle ranch and will have her A.I.'ed when the time comes. There is no rush to breed her, as she has become more pet than anything. She stands a few inches under my armpit at the shoulder and I am 5'6". (Don't know if that helps) Thank you for your help :tiphat:
most producers breed their heifers somewhere between 15 and 16 months. It may also depend on when you want her to calve; some like fall calvers and some like spring. If you are new to this I advice you to not calve her in the middle of winter or summer. Talk to your neighbor that has cattle. He/her should be able to give some tips on time of breeding and cattle ingeneral.
I also have a yearling heifer that was a bottlecalf, that is on the smaller side. I attribute alot of her smallness due to getting deathly sick when she was younger. I know the general average age to breed heifers is 15-16 months, but in my personal case, I am waiting. With my heifer, I plan to go on a "size" scale versus an age scale. She was a May calf, so I plan to re-evaluate next May-June(she will be 2 years old) and see if shes grown enough where she can be bred and produce something other then jackrabbits. :lol: Mine is somewhat of a pet as well, which is why I dont mind waiting abit.

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