White pussballs like ant bites on cows

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Sep 4, 2006
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myakka city fl
They look like they got attacked by fire ants. Cows got tons of em. I know it's a fly bite but never seen em before like this. Just went to another pasture and within a week covered in these. raining everyday so the backrub probly isn't working too well. Sprayed em with permethrin. I know why they are all bunched together know. These flies are tiny little biters.
we have some tiny flies not much bigger than a fruit fly, and they take a chunk out. never seen any puss balls from them, but they leave a bloody hole, and then the cows lick it raw.
yea..i got a cpl pics. I knew what it was just wasn't thinkin of the name....sprayed em yesterday and hardly a fly on em today. between that and the rub I think theyre a lot better. and more spread out in the pasture too so looking good. I thought they were bunched up an awful lot but its been torrential rains til dark by the time I get home I aint seen em in a week or so cept from inside the barn 1000 ft away . thought it might've been the rain but I knew it was flies dangit

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