when will she drop

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> How can u tell a cow is gonna drop
> a calf? There will be clear slime coming from the back end a day or so before. She'll start to hollow out around her tailhead and hooks. Some will twitch their tail and act really uncomfortable. If her water breaks and there is a lot of stuff you'd better be ready for a calf in an hour or so. If there is milk in her teats when you squeeze them she'll only be a day or so. It depends on the cow and the breed and the bull how close to the calving date she'll actually be. You just have to keep an eye on them. Some cows will act different and some will just lie down and pop it out. Hope this helps

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A cow may show clear "slime" discharge months prior to calving. Depending on the breed/animal/and age, she will start "bagging up" a few weeks prior to calving. Her bag should gradually increase in size & hardness. Generally when she is very close, her teats will get very firm and "glossy" looking. NEVER - NEVER tried to get milk out of the teats prior to calving. If you open up her teats to let milk out, you open the chance for mastitis germs to enter her teats. She will get a hollow look on each side of her tail head, because her ligaments are loosening in preperation of the calving. Sometime this "loosening" process makes them walk like their hips are "out". Jeanne

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