Whatever happened to Baby Beeves?

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Feb 27, 2018
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central Kentucky
Dave's reply that "the two surest ways to go broke is to forget what Grandpa learned or to do things just like Grandpa did" has got me to thinking.

When I started in cattle, baby beeves were still a big thing in my part of the country. By this I mean calves born in the winter to high milking cows that would wean off over at 600 to 700 pounds or more and soon go to slaughter with very little additional feeding.

I still calve in January and my cows come from a Red Poll base (though mostly black or yellow now) and milk really well. For years my cows were mostly BWF Holstein X Hereford that are harder to find these days.
In some ways I never got the baby beef way of raising cattle out of my system; and I may be a little old to change a whole lot.

I get a pretty good check each early September for these heavier type weaned calves (try to sell them before October when the buyers start to complain of calves getting sick on them).

I am not recommending this, it is just the way I still do it and it fits my farm situation and habits. I am not broke.

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