What Should I Be Selling Freezer Beef For?

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May 10, 2009
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Simla, Colorado
I have a Holstein steer that I'm going to slaughter this fall. He is about 850 lbs right now. We only want to keep one half because of freezer space. I want to sell 2 split halfs. What is the going price? What is the easiest way to do it? I would like it if it would at least pay for the slaughter and corn for the last 120 days. I already have 5 people interested. What do you think?
What you are doing is the only way I sell my calves.
First, even if it is your family or your best friend who wants beef, you need to write up a bill of sale estimating the hang weight of the animal stating: the price per lb., ESTIMATED hanging weight they will be receiving, and amount of the required NON-refundable half down deposit. Get them to sign it! Why? People want beef, it's a good intention or a great thought but they will stick you with it when they have NO investment/comment in it. As soon as "Aunt Mary had to go into the hospital for two weeks and I couldn't work" your stuck with all the cost and beef with no freezer space to store it. Two weeks before you plan to slaughter call your customer and inform them so they can prepair. The day after the processing plant kills the animal call and ask what it's weight was, then call your customer(s) and tell them THEN what the remaining balance will be when the beef is ready. I pay all cost associated with the beef. I deliver it if needed. I charge $3.67 per lb. I sell on hanging weight ALWAYS, because it is (meaning bone & fat) all useable. If they choose not to use that part it's not at my expense.
In deciding what to charge you will need to take into account the price of the beef it's self, cost of graining,vaccs,dewormer,hay, slaughter bill, etc. Things that also make a difference are the age of the animal and breed=choice cuts. Because you don't know the current weight of your animal or what % of that weight you will loose due to processing I would be safe guessing you will loose 1/2 of the current weight. Example: if you think he weights 1200lbs at slaughter when sell as if the amount of beef is 600lbs. Your keeping half so you have 300lbs to sell. Split into two 1/4's=150lbs per person. 150lb x $3.67 =$550.50 per person. no tax, in your case. This is private treaty not a business. Wrong about the weight? No problem. It just cost them less when they pay the remaining half due. COLLECT when they get the beef!
I hope this helps you.

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