Weaning time

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Mar 20, 2011
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S.E. Queensland, Australia
I weaned my calves last Wednesday, 38 of them in the yards only about 30 metres from the house. The noise doesn't worry me but then they tend to settle down during the night and start up again in the morning when Mum comes up expecting to feed them. I'm not too popular with Pam and daughter Jo though but then I think they whinge about it just on principle, anyhow gives them something to tell their friends about.
7 steers went straight to the weaner sale in town and sold the following day, they averaged out $1215/head with average weight after the overnight curfew was 295 kg. I think that was a fair price for buyer and the seller. I'm keeping 10 heifers and I have a private buyer for the remaining 11, this is their 3rd year buying them. I have kept 4 bulls to develop, one for myself and 3 to sell and another 3 have been sold as bull calves.
I sorted my heifers to take hair for genomics and give them their 1st BVD vaccination. There is a bull calf and another heifer with them that are up for some antibiotics as they are lame and swollen in the pastern area, I suspect my Border Collie Millie has snuck down and had a bit of a chew on them, she is a real sneak.
Anyhow here is a couple of videos of them.


DB Iconic has 3, Sterling Pacific has 2, 44 Brigade, Sitz Stellar and a couple by my bull a Sydgen Enhance son.

Nice group of heifers. A good group of sires. Have semen on Iconic but not sure I will use it at least at this time. We are breeding a bunch of grand daughters of Growth Fund.

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