Weaning Size - What was / is you avg this year

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Jan 5, 2004
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Northern California
We avg 575 per calf weaned off of Longhorns sired by Angus. No special feed, only pasture and Alfalfa'/grass hay.

How do our number compare with you y'all?

I was kinda happy!

517 from mostly heifers 2 of the calves less then 170 days old

For what we have sold or weaned already our average has been 510 lbs at an average age of 186 days. Is that good or bad?

Dun, most of our cows are smaller frame cows and some of the calves are last years fall calves that were grow over the winter without good pasture. They also had very little grain. When I got to looking at records I see some weights going down on some older cows, so as some say it may to time for them to go. They ranged from 415# at 175 days to 595# at 166 days.
tom4018":qwcdu7m2 said:
Is that good or bad?

Yes, it's either good or bad. Depends on too many variables to be able to say. From 1600 lb cows on grain it's pretty sorry. For 1000 lb cows on lousey pasture it's great. Either way it's sure nothing to be ashamed of.

Ours average 610-645.. at six months. We did pull a couple of younger calves this year because the prices are so good. We've got a group that's ready to be weaned in the next week or so, and I'm guessing they'll be about 600. But we also creep feed.
this year i did something different - never cut the bull calves. was waiting until they were 5 months, but time and a couple of problems got in the way so i just shipped them hanging. I think that is why my weights are high / good, but i did take a hit at the sale barn.

Might have lost 25 bucks a piece. dang - know that i calculated it out - i am not so happy!

such is the business.


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