Validation of DNA markers

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Dec 9, 2004
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Following is a note I got from Cornell. The web site at UC Davis has some GREAT articles:

I have reviewed the material on the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC) website, The NBCEC does not recommend the use of DNA markers that have not been independently validated. From the NBCEC website the following traits have been independently validated for Igenity and Bovigen:

Trait Igenity Bovigen
Tenderness y y
Quality grade y y
Marbling y y
Backfat y n
Ribeye area y n
Yield Grade y n
ADG y n

While these companies make claims for feed efficiency, maternal traits and docility, these have not been independently validated, therefore I would not have confidence in their claims until that is done. From the data NBCEC provides, Igenity does offer more independently validated traits.

Attached is a good article by Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, UC Davis on DNA Markers. I will edit this into a shorter article to send to producers.

For those of you with a high speed Internet connection, ... /index.htm has the NCBA "Cattlemen to Cattlemen" episode on DNA Markers.

I have copied Dr. Pollak on this email. He may have other comments/clarifications to make.


Michael J. Baker, PhD, PAS 607-255-5923 (phone)
Beef Cattle Extension Specialist 607-255-9829 (fax)
114 Morrison Hall [email protected]
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Here is a little but very unscientific validation:
We have a VERY gentle Diversity daughter from Sydenstricker's. We genetically profiled her heifer from '08 and 5 EXT daughters. the heifer from "Princess" is also very gentle, we used her as a first show calf for my youngest son. Most know the rap on EXT and their "happiness", although you would not think of that when you work our EXT sons and daughters. ANYWAY the genetic profile for docility bore out the same results as real life. The Diversity grandaughter tested a 5 on the profile and the EXTs were 3's.
I think this has great possibilities and should be used as a tool for evaluation similar to the use of EPD's. With independent confirmation the genetic profile has greater validity to the genetic possibility of that individual than EPDs which carry influence from the other side of the pedigree.

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