Unsure of calving

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Oct 11, 2016
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Cow is acting like she is early stages of calving (kind of) but I don't believe she is due for 25 more days. Tonight she went to the back of the pasture for a bit during feeding time and has been acting restless ever since. That was about 7 hrs ago. Has bagged some but not tight like she normally is before calving. No discharge or active pushes. So I don't know if she is actually early stages of calving or if she is just uncomfortable and acting off. Not sure if we should reach in and see what we feel or just keep watching. Just had another cow calve tonight and dang sack stayed on calfs nose so it suffocated. I got there a few mins too late. So I'm pretty un edge about this other cow and potentially having something wrong.
Well, checked cow again an hour later and calf was on the ground sitting upright and mostly cleaned off. Super super small bull calf so I'd say it is in fact 25 days early. Took it from cow and it's in our house now. He can't stand but drank colostrum replacer pretty much like a normal calf. He looks off...like not really spunky in the eyes...so not sure if it will make it. But it is small and been throw a lot so hopefully it does. Going to call vet and see what they recommend...maybe a shot in case lungs are the best yet?
LB2727, I hope you calf makes it.

For anyone else who might appreciate some info on calving, this is a great video, IMO:

We've had a few that early over the years. Pending weather issues (causing pneumonia) we've just let them be and kept a close watch on them. I would see what your vet says. Keep us posted.

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