vaccine reaction ??

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Feb 19, 2007
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southwest mississippi
I vaccinated a group of weanlings a few weeks steer had a lump appear at the injection site ( upper neck)....this past weekend i was giving boosters and the same steer developed another lump at the injection site of the second shot (upper neck opposite side)...Is it a fluke that i did something wrong both times to the same steer, or do you think he had a local reaction to each injection?...How can I get rid of the lumps?? ( don't say sell lumps and all).. I want to sell this group sept. 1....I sure would like to deliver the whole group without blemish...
Some will get a lump, others won;t. Usually they go away within a month or so. But we had one cow that when she left had a lump I think from every vaccination she ever had, lumpiest necked looking thing I've ever seen.
The lumps may or may not go away by the time you sell them. Ours seem to take a while to go down. But I look at it this way - at least they're an indicator that the animal has been vaccinated and that's a good thing.
I have one cow who developed a lump on her neck after a subq vaccination of triangle9, she was pretty sore to the touch too. It went away within a couple of weeks. She gets vaccinated every year and the same thing happens every time with her.
My vet told me the lump is a good thing. Assuming your using a killed virus, these lumps form and act as a reservoir for the vaccine. It is a time release type thing the way the vet talks.

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