Herd Vaccination with Goldmaster Vaccine

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Didn't you guys south of the cold north switch to prescription only?
When we switched to prescription only that included vaccines. I haven't seen them in stores around here anymore either. Vet only.
Maybe that's why your stores aren't bringing anymore in? Just wondering.
Yikes! As of right now, RX only for antibiotics (tetracyclines, sulfamethazine, mastitis treatment, penicillin, etc.) that were previously OTC. The VFD (feed directive) was implemented a few years ago, which is anything medicated in feed. But knock wood, vaccines currently not impacted.

Not sure why there's been such a shortage.
Is it just the initial vaccination that requires two shots, with just a one shot annual booster ?
With the stuff the vet suggested for us it is. The initial shots require a second shot in a specific time frame. Which is my problem........ phoned the vet already a few times, still no answer. Ugh. It appears the live vaccine requires the second shot a few months later. Spring - Fall kind of timeline. But the modified 'killed' virus vaccine which we would use, due to pregnant cows, has a different timeline as per info material with the meds, the vet has yet to tell me if it is truly about 3 weeks later for the second shot, or if Spring - Fall is good enough.
After that initial treatment + booster it just requires one annual shot.

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