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Jan 24, 2022
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Gave my calves Clostridium Perfringens Type C & D Tetanus Toxiod , Dewormer, and Covexin 8. What else should I vaccinate them with? Any help is appreciated!! Trying to learn here.
Covexin 8 is for clostridium perfringens C, D & tetanus toxiod (so is Calvary 9 but with only 2cc). I would suggest something for respiratory and possibly something for pinkeye. But you should really discuss a vaccination protocol with your vet because geography matters, as does your operation. Should you use killed or a modified live? What is really necessary?

That said, my calves get Inforce 3 day 1 when they're tagged and get a First Defense bolus (because I don't vaccinate my cows with Scour Guard). They get Calvary 9, Triangle 4+PH-K, an autogenous pinkeye (that targets moxarella bovis, moxarella bovoculi and mycoplasma bovis) and Cydectin in the spring. Bovishield Gold One Shot, Calvary 9, Cydectin & heifers get Lutalyse in the fall/weaning.
There are tons of choices. Some people don't do any - some, like me, do lots.
But, it really is a regional thing. If you don't have an active VET involved with your farm - it's time to get one. Pay the cost to have him/her out and sit down and discuss a health program. He/she will be more willing to come out if you have an emergency.
Thanks for the info! These vaccinations were from my vet, just wanting to be sure I am not forgetting something!
I agree with TC, you need respiratory vaccine. I use BoviShield 5L5HB
On the vaccines you gave, do any need a booster?
Remember, if something needs a booster and it is not given in a timely manner, you might just as well poured the 1st shot on the ground. It will give you 0 protection.
But, I'm not familiar with what you used.
what is the best respiratory vaccine to use? Thanks for any advice!!
Depends on your operation. Again, needs to be discussed with your vet. Some are killed and some are modified live. As a general rule, you shouldn't use a mod live on your calves unless your cows have previously been vaccinated with a mod live (I believe within 12 months - your vet will know). The exception is something like Inforce 3, which is intra nasal and I use it at birth. Triangle 4+PH-K is killed and what I use when they're worked at appx 3 months. But I use a mod live at weaning, either Vista Once or this year BoviShield Gold One Shot.

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