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Jun 14, 2004
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I am located in Central Texas. What should I use to vaccinate a small herd (4) of Brangus cattle besides the annual 7way ?
Cattlemaster 4 VL5 covers most viral infections and is safe for all cattle any age. These are BVD, IBR, vibrio and 5 way lepto (some others I am missing?) This is assuming that the 7-way you speak of is for clostridial (bacterial infections) diseases. Make sure to read the label on your 7-way for pregnant, lactating or young cattle.
Couldn't agree more with D.R. Love the Cattlemaster 4 + VL5. I've used it on everything from open heifers to heavy springers that calved 2 weeks later with no problems. You'll have to give two rounds the first year, 2-4 weeks apart. After that, just an annual booster. They used to sell it in 5 dose packaging. Has to be reconstituted, so resist the urge to just buy a 10 dose and save the leftover for your second round.

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