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Last year, one of my Longhorn cows gave birth to twin bull calves.. ok so that is not so interesting. but the fact that they were born 3 days apart is. Both heatlhy, both weaned out at a nice weight (about 500#) and she bred back in no time. My vet said impossible, she stole some other cow's calf. But the only cow that was ready to calve had hers a week later. These two bull calves were identical, except one had a tan nose, the other one black. Anyone ever have this happen?

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I read about something like this in a local paper last spring. The calves in this case were something like a month apart, and actually were from 2 different bulls I believe. I don't know if that makes them twins or not, but was pretty interesting.
A month apart is interesing.. for real. This cow was only with one bull. I noticed the day she has her first calf, that she was still huge and so much milk, I felt sorry for her having to lug it around. Then 3 days later, she was under a tree cleaning off the second one.. was pretty amazing to me.

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