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Mar 21, 2009
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What kind of trail cams do some of you use?
I would like to hear the likes and dislikes about them . I think I may need to buy me another one, mine is very old, still takes good pictures but the case is cracking up.
Also what about flashes , went by mine the other night after dark and the flash was so that it almost made me jump so it has to bother the deer.
I got a pic of a nice 12 point this year one time at night and never seen him again so it makes me wonder if that flash sent him packing to the next county ???

mine is one of the first ones they came out with many years ago. A big old bulky black box maybe
9'' X 12'' don't even know the brand but it has been good and taken a lot of pictures
I have a few. Got a couple Coverts the oldest one is a MP6 and has taken thousands of pics, it is starting to act up with losts of false pics but has been pretty good. The other one is their white flash camera, takes good pics but it misses me some when walking by it, color night pics are great. Battery life is great.

Got a few of the cheap Wildgame's that are ok, I run them on video all the time because the ones I have don't have a 3 shot pic mode. They are fair cameras but I am sure they make a better one.

I have one Browning, online reviews were great but I am disappointed in it.

I won a Reconyx, takes great pics, has missed me a few times walking by but I like the 10 shot mode and it recovers quick. I run rechargeable batteries in it. last maybe 6-8 weeks. For the price I am not sure if I would buy one though.
I have a 2014 Primos. IR. Model is TruthCam EL Ultra Blackout I think. I like it, but have not tried it in video mode. Picked up everything that went by it AFAIK, including me, crows, coons, squirrels and deer. It's one of the 2nd gen truthcams--it uses 8 AA batteries. Just a 4 megapixel I think, but it works for what I use it for. This one is discontinued. I don't know what the latest and greatest model is. I'll keep using this one till it quits. ... ?a=1185979

I need to position it down by the pond to see if it is actuated by beaver swimming by--not sure how it will work with the water reflecting back tho.


I’ve heard good things regarding Browning cameras, but never owned one myself. I have a variety, but my favorite one changed with the latest model upgrade and from what I hear is no longer worth considering. Personally, I much prefer a regular flash camera. The night pics are way better than IR pics, and a lot of IR cameras are much more noticeable than flash cameras with the way the IR light bulbs flash. The “black flash” cameras don’t make any flash, but night pic quality suffers when compared to flash pics.
Ya gotta like a review that is this blatantly honest.

The Strike Force Elite isn't the best at anything, but it is really good in every category
I may look in to the Brownings for my next one--those are some really good daytime pics.
I have one of the Strike Force Elite and also a few other Brownings and a Moultrie. I have been relatively happy with all of them. Sorry I can't remember the exact Moultrie I have.
Bought a new Cuddeback this year. Came highly recommended. I think the old Moultrie took better pics though. Batteries just didn't last long in it.
thanks for all the good info, I am looking, thought I might find a better deal at this time of the year.
The bushnell and Browning are the best two I have used and I run 14 cameras. Bushnell has a great customer service and battery life can last 6 months. Browning dark ops models take better pictures but battery life is not as good. Primos moultrie make good ones. Best camera I have ever owned was a cuddeback I bought in 08 I quit them because there customer service sucks

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