The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm

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Dec 9, 2013
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Central Texas
This is a 20 min documentary about a boy talking about his Great-Grandpa's time under the Nazis. It is very good and worth watching. I think it would be good watching for young kids to understand what happened back then. It is on HBO. Also on HBO is a movie called the Zookeeper's Wife was very good thank God for people like them back then.
There was much more to "the greatest generation" than just the men/women in uniform and the men/women in the defense plants. What Churchill called England's Finest Hour could be said of several peoples.
Twenty-odd years ago a couple that had been through the concentration camps were daily customers at the bank were I worked (they owned a local downtown business). Mrs Zeller proudly displayed her numbers - not as a victim but as a strong survivor. Always admired her and honestly was a little scared of her, but her husband was very nice. Can't imagine the horror.