The magnetism of a pond.

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Feb 3, 2008
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Central Texas
Beefy":3eiaaz58 said:
when i took an interest in the cows and took over checking on them as my duty when i was about 9 i had a golf cart that i used to do that. it was a three wheeled golf cart and consequently pretty bumpy! the batteries (it had 6) didnt last very long, maybe a couple of days if i didnt use it much. it didnt go fast at all, and wouldnt even make it to the very back of the farm a lot of times without giving out of juice. and i got it stuck a lot.

it was good and safe for me starting out as a kid (although i ran it into the pond) but i would much rather have a four-wheeler or other type atv for doing any work. you can go fast OR slow on those and golf carts just arent for workloads.

my honda 300 fourwheeler is a 91 model and i cant complain. had very few issues with it.

What is it all about these days when you have boys and teenage boys then add 4 wheelers, golf carts, gators, tractors and such to the mix, sooner or later pond water is going to be involved? :help: :???:
i knew i would have to elaborate...

ok see what happened was... i was going across this pond dam that had some panels across it i had to stop and open. well i usually just jumped off and let the golf roll to a stop anyway. well, this particular pond dam kind of had the slope of a hill at the top and while i was gone to open the gate, the golf cart decided to veer to the left a little. i saw it and raced back to it (at this point everything goes in slow motion..) and jumped on to slam on the brakes just as it was about to crash into the pond, EXCEPT i mashed the gas instead! and you know how like on cartoons they always go down a slide and pop up at the end and are suspended in mid air for a few seconds? yeah, that happened to me. not only that but the pond was fairly shallow everywhere except where the golf cart went in b/c thats where the deep irrigation hole was dug. yeah so in slow motion i'm cussing underwater as my golfcart seat raises me to the surface. To make matters worse there were two men in a boat right there witnessing the whole thing. this was over 20 years ago or close to it. i still like to ride the fourwheeler around in the pond tho.
I always hated that kind of stuff. The walk back home, Dad asking, "where is your golf cart". When I was a kid I wanted just anything that would go under it's own power. I was about 9 and dad bought a rototiller for the garden,well I got to looking at this rototiller and noticed where that stake bar that drags behind hooked in looked a lot like a hitch, so I unhooked the stake and hooked my little red wagon to it. I went out to the barn and loaded 2 bags of feed in it and took off . All went well until one of those tines caught a rock in the gravel and turned the thing over. I was too small to pick it back up, all I could do was wait for Dad to come home and see his new rototiller laying on it's side in the gravel.


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