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Dec 23, 2003
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last thursday when the front came through with all the rain, we also had some pretty good winds. well, one of our plastic lawn chairs blew out into the pasture. since it wasn't a priority on our list, we hadn't gotten around to getting it back in the yard. this afternoon i look out in the pasture & see one of the calves (about 350 lbs) walking around with the chair on his neck. he had stuck his head between the arm rest & the seat & gotten it stuck. he and a couple of cows happened to be in the trap so i thought maybe i could just get them into the pen w/o having to call up all the cows........wrong! the rest of the cows were out in the rye grass patch & we only have an electric wire gap separating the rye grass from the trap. the calf went through the gap, running out into the rye grass. the noise from the flapping chair & the sight of him running towards them caused the cows to scatter to the far end of the pasture. luckily, they are hogs & will come whenever a bucket w/cubes is rattled. after getting them in the pen, i still wasn't quite sure how i was going to get it off since i didn't think he could fit in the chute w/the chair. i separated him into the pen at the end of the chute. he headed on down the chute, cracking the chair as he went. i piped him up at the headgate & luckily the chair had cracked enough that i could break it the rest of the way & get it off! what a sight........should have taken time to grab a camera!
I was waiting to tell us that he was sitting in it having a cigarette and a beer. :lol: :lol:

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