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Mar 12, 2017
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Who uses synthetic oil in their tractor motor and how many hours can you put on it? I use synthetic oil in my pick up truck and change it at 12,000 miles. I know not to use it in the 4 wheelers as it will make the clutches slip. Any dangers using it in a tractor?
I only use it in vehicles made after 2010. I have never used it in a diesel engine, but in cold climates I could see it working good as it doesn't thicken like conventional oil.
On my (older) tractors I use a cheaper oil and change it every 100 hours, I'm sure 250 hours would be possible on synthetic going by the hours you put on a truck to get to 12,000 miles.

I use synthetic in my truck and change it every 7500 miles which works out to about once a year
In the Deere manual it says if you use there synthetic ow40 I believe off hand service is 500 hrs. Hard to believe but that's what they say. I change mine once a year maybe gets 150 hrs a year same with skid steer. It's automatic oil change every spring so nothing gets forgotten.
We get Citgo semi synthetic 15W40 by the drum. I do a 500 hour interval on the big tractors, which is close to what the manufacturers recommend. Did the same with conventional up until a couple years ago, can't say I ever noticed a difference. They start the same in the winter.

You can use synthetic in an ATV as long as it is JASO rated. Rotella T6 and T4 meet that requirement, and work well in my motorcycles. And if it's an automatic belt drive, use any oil you want, the clutch is not in contact with the engine oil.

There's no danger in using it, but I'm not sure if it pencils out with the higher cost.

For us, the syn blend in a drum costs about the same as conventional from the farm store, and it's a lot more convenient. Buying synthetic in small quantities gets pretty expensive.
I use Rot T 5w-40 in my '07 Branson 6530 and '16 2400. In the Fords, '63 2000D and '65 3000D they get WM 10w-30 C rated. I change the Fords once a year. Change the Bransons at 150 hrs...recommendation is 100 but I don't work them in the worst of conditions. I never add oil between changes. Oil level doesn't drop. The Fords don't burn it, just drip it.....but not a case for going into one. Not all that bad and not worth it.
I use Rotella T6 5-40, in everything, lawn mower, cars, trucks, 4 wheeler, RTV, When the tractors hit 3000 hrs they are switched to 15-40, except the tractor I feed with in winter, keep 5-40 in it,, or if something uses oil, it gets 15-40.
bet i stir up an hornets nest
I use Amsoil 15-40 in all my tractors and they are all old. Don't know if it really makes much difference but if it does I figure it could extend the life of my Perkins 354 engines, one has over 10,0000 hours and the other over 8000 hours. Everything I have read has said it is perfectly fine on older diesels.

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