Summertime in Texas

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Like the 136 heifer too.... but they all look pretty nice. What Guernsey bull did you use? It is so hard to find any that have any "substance " to them.... They are all so frail and spindly which is what practically ruined the whole guernsey breed. I want to breed some of my animals next year to AI and one that I want to do is a jer/hol/guernsey cross cow to try to get more of the "golden guernsey milk"....
Have you ever tried the Normande dairy breed?
I have not personally had any Normande 's but a couple of the dairies I milk test have had some. They are a nice cross with holsteins... hold their flesh real good... and milk real good with good fat % on test. Might make a good cross with a guernsey... never thought of that. Might get some semen ... I don't think I have any in the tank when I bought out that guy a few years ago.... and use it on the hol/jersey/guernsey crosses I have.... Thanks for the idea....
Also have seen some Montbeliarde crosses and they make good "fat" milk cows that milk good and stay in real good flesh.

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