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I just bought an old mf mowing machine, belt driven. When I hooked it to the tractor it will not work. Where can I download the schematics for mf equipment? Or does anyone have any helpful info. Thanks for your time.
Does the belt turn? If so sounds like a bad woble box.
If the belt keeps slipping, then either its the wrong belt or an idler pulley is loose or missing. Take the belt off and grease up the gears and pulleys, see if they spin o k without the belt, or if maybe the thing is locked up. It may be just the bearing in the pulley thats bad. Call a MF dealer, they can probably order a manual from the manufacturer for you.
If I'm correct there is no pully that turns the (teeth). The pully turns the wobble box and the wobble box drives the sickle. Can you turn the pully on the wobble box by hand?
Jeff, you should contact Big Dean Austin in Shawnee,OK. He is priceless when it comes to helping people via Email. I have contacted him numerous times and he has never failed me yet. He is the MF guru. Worked for MF dealers for many years and is a great guy. I'll give you a link to his website and you can contact him from there. You won't be sorry.

Running Arrow Bill (and Eric)

Climb down off your pedestal a little. Have you ever heard of buying used equipment at an auction? Or would you try to drive your tractor to the auction yard and insist on hooking up before bidding?
Have to agree with Guest. Jeff was asking for advice, not criticism. If he's like the rest of us, he's already gotten the critique at home when it didn't work!
You guys are right, as I know I have bought my share of crap equipment just because it seemed like a good deal!! Sorry bout that Jeff. Did you ever get it freed up?

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