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The delivery weight, price per pound, and weight slide should be negotiated when you contract to purchase the animals. You should aim to purchase 500-600 lb animals that are 5 months-6 months old and preferrably have been weaned at least 30 days and have been vaccinated. How long you keep them depends on how long your forage holds out. Commonly winter stockers on small grain are held 100 days and should gain 150-250 lb/ head in that time depending on their genetics. Summer stockers are grazed until the forage gives out which will vary greatly depending on which part of the country you are in.

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Thanks for the info. As for location, I'm in Central Texas. Do you happen to know what the payment ranges are? I've heard up to .35 cents per pound. I'm thinking of using intensive grazing once I get my own cows. Thanks again. jim

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Since you are in central TX I am assuming that you are referring to summer grazing of stockers. The rates that I have been quoted by Texas Beef ( $0.25-0.35 per lb. depending on forage quality for winter small grain pasture grazing. This assumed that the landowner would provide both water and all minerals to the animals while they were grazing. I would suggest you contact the guys at Texas Beef to get a quote on summer pasture gain rates. Hope this helps.

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