SQ injection bleeding.

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Jul 19, 2012
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Tarkington Prarie, TX
I was vaccinating my small herd today with my wifes help. Normally I have a buddy that grew up with cows operating the chute and giving the injections and wormer but he's tied up for a while so I figured what the heck me and the wife can do it. I was giving them triangle 10 SQ and everything was going smoothly till I got down to the last calf.... hes been the calmest best calf I've had until he got in that pen... when I finally got him contained I was trying to give him everything pretty quick and let him loose. I pulled up the skin tent gave him the injection pretty quick and when I pulled the needle out he had some blood squirt out. I've never had that happen before all the other cows I just rubbed the injection site and they walked right out without any blood coming out. Is this normal or did I accidentally hit a vein? thanks.
Probably one of the little capilarys just under the skin, no big deal
man I hope so. I was sweating bullets, with the price of cattle I hate to lose a single calf especially to something that I messed up. I was trying to search but I figured itd be quicker to just ask since its getting late on a sunday and id have to haul butt to the store if it was gonna be bad. many thanks.
sim.-ang.king":371iejfj said:
If he wasn't dead an hour later, then he will be fine.
If he didn't drop dead off the end of the needle he will be fine. What Dun said is what happened. You went well through the skin to give the injection well away from the bleeding part.
If you are tenting the skin, as you said. The worst that can happen is you poke the needle out the other side and shoot the med into your own finger or on the ground. :D Veins are deeper than you think in that location.
If you don't get it completely under the skin, (and sometimes even if you do) you can have a pretty good lump with some vaccines and drugs.
Sounds like you did good! Don't worry.

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