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Jun 8, 2019
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East TN
My poor little ol bottle calf has seemingly gotten over the joint infection, knock on wood.

She has an abcess in front of her left hip now. It's pretty large. Just realized last night that was what I was looking at. I thought it was inflammation from the joint infection spreading to the hip. There's a little pocket developing now.

What's the method fie treatment here? Do I need to stick a needle in there and draw back to see what it is? Then Lance and drain if it is infection?

Will get a picture after work.
Put a needle to see what you have and how close to the surface but don't draw stuff out you should get an idea from what oozes from the top of the needle. The idea is to not depressurize it. You want a nice big firm abscess to cut down onto and into. If it has had pressure released and is soft and flabby it makes lancing it more difficult. Be generous with your opening.

Bypass the first step seeing what you have. It really doesn't matter. Just lance it and get it over with. Where vinyl gloves. The stuff that comes out doesn't wash off. Let it drain for a few minutes. Fill a 10MM syringe without the needle with Iodine. Stick the end of the syringe into the incision and flush the wound out. Go have a beer with the boys.

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