Speaking of novels--What's this from?

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Jun 30, 2016
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Found this torn page in a box of old books. Can't tell where it's from. Does anyone have a guess? 114 written on the lower right corner but none of the books is missing page 114.

------earing a robe identical to her mothers. She was sipping something from a cup and when Charlie's eyes caught her's she lowered the cup to waist level and whispered, first into the steaming cocoa and then to Charlie, "Thank you,...thank you for saving me." Charlie stepped to her and took her hands, cup and all, into his and, leaning forward, kissed her on the forehead through the matted, wet curls. Still he said nothing.
When he did speak he spoke directly to Phyllis, "What about Joe and Shelia? Do they know?
Phyllis was not sure what he meant and answered only "They're asleep".
Dismissing the bewilderment evident in her voice Charlie commanded, "Don't tell them. Don't tell anyone about tonight, ever!" His head oscillated between mother and daughter indicating that the admonishment applied to both. "You went there to pick her up and came straight home, is that clear? Nothing unusual happened. I was never there!"
He was preaching to Phyllis, who stammered a weak "yes". He then aimed his eyes at Alysen and extracted the same promise from her. "That's our story, do you understand? No one has to know what happened." By his strong voice and stern posture he was in complete command and it was easy for mother and daughter to believe him and believe in him.

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