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puzzled in oregon

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May 31, 2020
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I understand liability concerns. But these cattle really did not appear that unmanageable.
1. Somebody needs to learn to shoot.
2. The animal control officer doesn't know much about cattle.
3. Police might benefit from having some contact information for people that have the equipment and knowledge to haul cattle.
4. It says the owner asked that the cattle be "euthanized". I have some doubts.
Probably scared those cows would get into traffic and he'd get sued. He could've used that 5 gallon bucket trick though 🤷‍♂️
I have seen some of the most stupid stuff out of police dealing with cattle.

There were a couple cows out on a road one time where I was working. We just called it in the the sheriff's office thinking they could find the landowner. Nope, they can out with a car and truck and just ran the cattle through a fence in an entrance. I was snapping pics as the cops car was literally bumping the cows as they were crawling through the wires.

They were POed when they realized I had been sitting there watching. I called our land office and got that land owners name. We got in contact and I sent him the pics. He was MAD! They were not his cows. He went after the sheriff's office for it.

Another time, we had a gathering facility back in a property. The land owners didn't have any cattle in it. They lived out of state. We had an entrance and gate up at the CR. We left the gate open when people were in there, which was 80% of the time.

We started finding cattle around the facility. Though they were neighbors that adjoined so we started calling. No one around us said they were theirs. They finally were gone for a little bit. Then they were back. They would kind of come and go. Finally they shut our facility in one time and the company said the call the sheriff and get them gone.

When I called the sheriff's office they were like ya... they have been getting out on that county road and our deputies have been putting them back in but we don't have a contact for the land owner.

They disappeared after that so I figured they handled it. About a week later we catch them trying to push the cows in that property again. We locked the gate real quick right in front of him and the deputy gets real nasty with us. We get in to it. He is treating us saying is for public safety even though they don't belind in there. I'm telling him we have a poisonous gas bomb in there and that those cows on the road are the least of him problems. A local guy that we use is shows up as he is treating to arrest me... I'm telling him it will be his job if he touches me. I'm back and forth on the phone with our office.

The local guy showed up and called right to the sheriff directly to get that idiot out of there. The sheriff was cool but those deputies are idiots. We had signs with the company name and phone number and facility name and all kinds of stuff. Never did they call. Just shove the cattle in there.

The sheriff ended up telling us those cattle were coming from like a mile down the road.
Leave it to idiots in Conn.... that is why I don't still live there....
I get the liability with them getting on the road... and I do understand that there are not alot of people up that way that have cow common sense... but no, they weren't like wild mean animals... problem is there might not have been anyone within a reasonable distance, with the portable corral panels etc... to set up panels and catch them.
Totally stupid and the owner probably had a half a$$ed place for them to start with and not enough common sense to know what needed to be done to do things right, and they got out and .... there you go.
The state patrol will put then in any fenced area around here; they don't care as long as they are getting them off the highway. We got a neighbors bull a few years ago, I was not real happy they put him in our field. We had a new seeding and didn't want him there. We ended up getting him into our corral, and haul him back where he belonged.

Once there was a cow that got away from the livestock auction, and they city police got him into the lumber yard on the other side of town. They ended up shooting it; I really don't think that was necessary.

Way back when dad worked for Warren Livestock he had a two year old steer get out on the Warren Airforce base. Dad had to sign all kinds of paper just to go on the base to get it. There was a airman that thought he would help out and stepped out in front of that steer and it motored right over him like he was not even there. I bet that is the last time he ever does that. Dad did get him caught and drug in the trailer. That would have been good watching that day.

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