South Australian Junior Heifer Expo 2009

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Well a good friend of mine took out the big one (senior champion herdsman), I'm still considering travelling to the states with her, would be fun to go together.
I only just missed out too, still kicking myself, eventually I'll stop going on about it!
Overall our team had a really successful trip.
We won junior champion heifer, a 2nd in the next junior class (the judge realised he'd made a mistake when we were out for the championship I think- if we'd won we would have been reserve), another heifer came 4th in the same class as mine.
Then the girl leading our junior champ won intermediate champion parader, intermediate junior judge, bay leader award and 2nd in the intermediate section scholarship.
The other girl that came with us came 3rd in her paraders and also 3rd in the intermediate section scholarship.
My cousin who is new to showing came 4th in her paraders leading one on my/my partner's heifers and finished in the top 10 for sub intermediates so she was thrilled.
And then I came 3rd in my paraders, won the senior marketing (still don't know how!), and reserve senior champion herdsman... by 1.5 points!! (yeah, I'm still dealing with that one- I'll get over it eventually!)

So here are a few pics- they're not great, the shed we show in is terrible for lighting.

Elyse with Nero Lock Belle

My cousin Nicole with my heifer Eselar Park Lock Lady Di

This heifer was reserve intermediate champion and is one of the first calves by a bull my sister-in-law sold

Our junior champion Nero Lock Victoria with Steph

Me with my heifer Eselar Park Lock Honour

And again... I look so impressed!

Placegetters in my paraders class

The junior class winners during the championship judging

Me and Snowball again

Steph and our junior champ

Reserve and champion intermediate paraders (the Simbrah on the left was senior champion heifer, white Shorty junior champ)

This winning is hard work...

NSW Shorthorn Youth team

And again

The NSW competitors, including the senior champion herdsman, reserve senior champion herdsman, intermediate champion parader, reserve senior parader, intermediate junior judge, senior junior judge, senior marketer and junior champion heifer (and lots of other winners/placegetters in heifer and parader classes, and relevant sections)
And here are the heifers we trucked 12 hours to actually attend the show- these girls are the real stars!!

The team

Lady Di



Thanks guys, I'm pretty pleased with them :D
The photos of the heifers aren't great but you get a decent idea of them... next time I'll make sure I'm behind the camera!
For everyone's information, all four heifers are by the same bull, from his first drop of calves. I think he might manage to pay for himself?!
Were there any Bos Indicus apart from the Simbrah? Were there any South Devons? Carla are you still going to the All Breeds sale at Casino on Saturday? I see there is two Shorthorns for sale from the Volkers. Its never been too bad a sale especially for Charolais. Brahmans sell ok as does some of the Angus. A few prospective Angus purchasers go there hopeing to pick up a cheaper (same bloodlines as the Tablelands studs) Angus bull. They pay a lot less there than up in the mountains for equally as good of a bull. You Shorthorn people did very well. Was the Simbrah a Savannah stud one? They have two bulls for sale at Casino at the weekend along with a couple of Amberley Charolais from SA as well.
There were a few Santas- one of which beat my heifer- and also a couple of Brafords. The Santa which won its class was one of the better ones I've seen in SA, there doesn't tend to be the quality of Santas that you see up north here.
There were a few South Devons there- one came 4th to the junior champion, not sure how the other 3 or 4 went. I didn't see any that caught my eye. There was a South Devon steer with something like nearly 20mm on the rump and vritually nothing over the rib, he was used in the junior judging and people kept referring to him as the 'Limousin'.
No I'm not going to Casino this week Colin, unfortunately. I really would have liked to get there but it's getting into 'silly season' now. Hopefully I'll get there next year but our northern journo will definitely be there this weekend.
Yes the Shorthorns did very well. As well as our junior champ, Shorthorns took out the champion and reserve champion intermediate heifer- the breed has had this division pretty well tied up for a number of years now.
The Simbrah is from Woonallee Simmentals. The embryo was given to Tom and Lizzy as a wedding present a few years ago.
I actually know Savannah Simmentals well, will be interesting to see how their bulls go, as well as Carol's bulls (Amberley). It's a long trek for them, I hope they sell.
Savannah Simbrahs is owned and run by the old Auscan stud manager and his partner.
Auscan wasn't a stud that lasted terribly long but certainly got their name out there.

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