Some Simmi calves

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Jun 12, 2012
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Thought I would throw up some pictures of some of our fall and new spring babies...

This first one is an October W/C Lock Down out of an Upgrade x Club King first calf heifer. He has some great EPD's on him, but being out of Lock Down, he is a 3/4 blood.

This is an October Broker x Joys Shadow embryo heifer calf. She is showing promise...

This is an October American Pride x Steel Force embryo cow we have. He is pretty nice, but two of our three American Pride babies are a little high headed. Not bad, just the first to leave the group when you walk out to the field...

This is my least favorite right now, she is an October Head's Up x Built Right dam, so 3/4 blood.

A butt shot of some of the late falls...

This is one of our newest ones; a Voyager x Fat Butt cow. We were really surprised at all the white! I asked the owner of Voyager how many white faced calves has he seen out of that bull (long dead, older genetics) and he said he could only remember one! This little girl has white back feet and a white tipped tail. She is just a few days old...

Another new one, this one is a late December 3/4 blood bull calf sired by a Macho embryo bull we raised and out of a Beef Maker x Pioneer half blood cow we raised.

This is a new embryo heifer we had, sired by STF Lockdown out of Steel Force's full sister, Sheza Dream

This is the last calf we had just a few days ago; sired by Uno Mas out of a 5/8 blood clubby bred first calf heifer (Lock n Load x Who Made Who). He was 73 pounds and super sweet so far...

And I love the udder on this heifer!

Just a few, but it has been a good year that had a rough start. We had two late term abortions, if you remember correctly, so we are blessed. The dumb sucker is doing great too! Here is a picture of him with his dam when he was in the barn... Super surprised at his size since he is an Upgrade x Grandmaster, but his dam always throws a small calf!

Thanks for all the comments on the dumb sucker. My lack of preparation was the only reason he was born outside. We calve from September to April (or try at least), and that is why we built a barn. We use it WHEN needed, and that is one time I should have used it. We were fortunate enough to not lose the calf, and he seems pretty healthy so far. Thanks for looking!
Congratulations on your new additions! They're looking great! I'll be curious to see how they grow, they're showing some real promise!

My American Prides are my wildest ones too. Look darn good but are the first to move away. My Voyagers have all had more white than their dams, all have had blazes and white rear feet. My herd heifer bull out of him throws calves with a lot of white as well. They'll surprise you sometimes! I'm glad I'm not the only one who had Grandmaster females with high tailheads! Still looking good though! Congratulations again and best of luck to you!
Looking good! I really like the December bull calf out of the Macho embryo bull!
Nice cattle, I really like that white faced heifer and calf. With an udder like that I would think her heifer calves would be keepers.
They all look good. Are these the first W/C Lock Down calves you`ve had ? I`ve been lookin at him for heifers just wondered how they grow.

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