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I recently had a calf get snake bit on the throat his face and neck swelled for a couple of days,but then went back down to normal. Today while watching him nusre cow i notice he was having hard time breathing but not swollowing .Should i do somthing for him are let nature run its course

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Might want to have Vet check him out. I have only had knowledge of a dog being bitten by a snake on face...usually resolved itself in 2-3 days. Would also depend on the type of snake. Would think that if it was a "fatal" bite, calf would have been dead by now. The "Vipers" which produce a neurotoxin, such as Copperheads, and Rattlesnakes can kill fairly fast if the bitten animal is susceptible. Now...if the bite was from an Australian Brown Snake...well you have Angels on all four corners of the calf....

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