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A neighbor of mine here in Western Kentucky bought a longhorn bull calf about a year ago. When he bought it, I don't think it weighed over 100 lbs. Don't know how old it was. Now, a year later, it weighs about 600 lbs. Its horns are about 10 to 12 inches. He has been told it won't weigh over 1,000 lbs at maturity. Is this right? He offered to let me use him on three small polled herford heifers, because the calves should be small. I know the calves won't sell good, but if the calving is easy, I'll be happy.

Anyway, this little bull is just a pet. It follows him around, will come when it's called just to get a head rub. A gentle little creature. Now don't ask me why he bought him, I don't know. What the average size for a longhorn bull?
I raise longhorns and brangus cattle. I have a mature longhorn bull that we use quite a bit and he weighs in around 1750 lbs. ... dition.htm I also use another bull from a friend of mine and he weighs a little over 2000 lbs.

Your question specifically asks for an average and I don't have a breed average. Longhorn owners tend to be small scale cattlemen (5 or less head) and they rarely keep records. I know that the bulls I typically use run between 1700 and 2000 lbs. I like a large frame with lots of horns because that is a high dollar market for longhorns.

Also, longorns do grow slower than most other breeds which is one of the reasons that feedlot people don't like them.
True...Longhorns grow a little slower than other breeds; however, their production life is very long--cows calving frequently into their late teens and early twenties. Bulls still going strong at mid to late teens.

The bulls we have raised to breeding age (14 to 24 months) have been ranging about 1000 to 1200 lbs. We're getting in a new black bull in June that is 6 years old and presently weighs about 1500# and will probably make 1750# later?? Some of the larger Longhorn Bulls range between about 1800 and 2200 lbs.

Cows generally are kept between about 900 and 1200#--a few get up to 1300 to 1400 lbs. Depends on the genetic line and what the breeder is trying to raise.
Thanks for the information. I've never seen a longhorn up close and personal. It going to interesting to keep an eye on the little guy. Who knows, maybe the longhorns will overtake Kentucky.
dumb question maybe????? How do you run them through a chute to work them with horns like that? Just wondering.....

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