Single vs Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

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red angus 2010

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Jun 26, 2010
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Middle Of USA
I need to replace a single acting 1" bore 12" stroke hydraulic cylinder with a 2" dia to slow down how fast it move the booms on our sprayer. I am having a problem finding a single acting cylinder. Is it possible to convert a dual to a single by plugging one of the ports?
You could replace the fittings going into the ports with orfice restrictors

But to answer your question you can put a breather plug in one port
I just had a similar issue and used a 10,000 psi needle valve on the inlet port of the cylinder and it works great I can adjust how fast the cylinder operates. An orifice restrictor will be cheaper though.
Fun fact, almost any 2 way cylinder can easily be used as a one way cylinder, but not all 1 way cylinders can be used as 2 way because they don't have pressure seals on the end cap, just a dust seal.
When I needed to slow the movement on a Vicon disc mower, I bought a fitting what would screw into the cyl and the hyd. hose. Then I took the wire welder and proceeded to pretty much plug the fitting I just bought. The hole left wasn't much larger then the dia. of a straight pin. Been working fine for several years. Cost, about $5.

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