Simmi Bull to breed show calves.

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Jan 22, 2007
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I am looking for suggestions on Simmental bulls to raise club calves. The girls we will breeding to are large girls, so we are looking to moderate size. Preferably a nice thick bull, 6.0 frame or less range. Primarialy looking for a bull to produce nice commercial class show heifers. I am looking into this for one of my students who is looking to breed over angus cattle and also over clubbie cattle. He has been looking at SVF STAR POWER S802. However, I do not believe he is as moderate a frame as the kid indicated he wished to use on these big momma's.
Meyer 734 if you can get it. Couple hundred a straw last time I checked. We have a bull out of Meyer 734 we use for clean up. I would suggest you try and find a meyer 734 son, or try "meyer meyer".
A lot of the clubbie momma's have meyer 734 in them already. so he is looking for non meyer blodlines.
Well, to "toot my own horn" -
you might check out our bull, Simme Valley Macho As U.
Semen is available at Genetic Horizon SEK and Cattle Visions.
He was a frame 5.6, mature size 2300#. We have been AI'ing about 15%-20% of our cows to him each year - and every year his offspring are our best show calves. We have 6 in our showstring this year, 5 are his offspring & the other one is out of a Macho As U dam.
You can see pics on my web site:
We sold a 2-yr old daughter for $6,000, another for $3000, and a weaned fall calf for $5100 - all sired by him.
We didn't have the money to properly promote him, but he has been used quite a bit around the U.S.
Here's a fourth recommendation for Simme Valley Macho As U! I have only had two calves but they were both really nice, I'm planning on keeping this years calf as a herd bull. I just posted pictures of him on the breeds board.
However, I also really like SS Goldmine. My current herd bull is out of him. He moderates frame and makes stylish, functional cattle. I have some very nice heifers out my Goldmine son this year, along with some nice bull calves. My plan is to breed my Goldmine grandaughters to my SV Macho son.
Star Power isn't consistent enough for me.. he has some good calves, and some not so good. Trademark is generally pretty consistent, and a lot of progeny have been in the show ring. I like Mo Town also.. and you might even get a baldy with him! Solid black can be so boring.. :)

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