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Aug 29, 2005
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I have a 2 yr old Holstein I bought to use with my nurse cows and she seems to be loosing a lot of weight and not doing real well. Does not seem to eat as much as the other 5 nurse cows. I have a cider in her that I will pull out sun what kind of meds would you give her? I was going to give her a shot of multi min and b12 and some dracxell. Any advice to help get her back right?
Assume you have considered Johnes? (I realize she's somewhat young and does not have an appetite; however, was focusing more on the rapid weight loss, malaise, dairy cow, purchased off farm).

Is dracxell an antibiotic (Draxxin?) Really shouldn't give antibiotics without a pretty good conviction that there's a bacterial infection X for which specific Antibiotic Y is an effective treatment.
Sounds to me like time for the vet.

My (fairly newbie) 2c. Good luck!

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