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Mar 7, 2017
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We have a 3 week old calf that was initially born that seemed normal. After a couple days we noticed she walked as if she was drunk. Her back legs were weak. We tried a couple shots but she seems to be getting worse. Her tongue is usually sticking out, ears are drooping and she is lethargic and not moving much during the day. Any suggestions? Getting worse by the day! Any info is appreciated!
Call your vet or take her in asap. A lot more info is needed. Have you taken her temp? What shots did you give and why? Is her poo normal and is she nursing? Is she drooling, coughing, does she have a snotty nose?
Welcome to the forum. It's difficult to diagnose an issue over the internet. Have you consulted your local large animal vet (assuming you have one)? You said "We tried a couple shots but she seems to be getting worse." What kind of shot?
Our vet is not really sure what to do, no to snotty nose, haven't seen her nurse in awhile but mom is always around. No coughing, she doesn't seem to be drooling but her tongue is usually sticking out. He has given her silium (?) and antibiotic (Banamine)
Possible tetanus? One of the vets that frequent this forum might have an idea. But doesn't tetanus make the tongue stick out alot and weakness/stiffness in the legs? Don't know how it would have gotten it; joint ill maybe? If your vet doesn't know.....
She might have calf diphtheria. The tongue sticking out is a sign. Look in the back of her throat for a bright yellow slime. It makes their throat site and they stop eating. She needs sustain 3 boluses and banamine if that is the case. Ask your vet to look down her throat. Don't wait. This is fatal fast without treatment.

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