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Jul 28, 2009
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shes black. she looks like a nice calf. appears to be a brangus (or maybe a simbrah)
she is a brangus heifer 8 months old . probly 6 or 7 months in this pic. out of black hawk of brinks. what do yall think. still doesnt work i have tried a million and a half times =)
aussie_cowgirl":1au3fj60 said:
Aside from being weak in the heart girth she is nice. I guess wait an see how she grows.

Agreed, the heart girth looks to be her weak point.
I hate doing this but not only is she weak in the heart, she also breaks rather sharple behind the shoulders and is a bit rough in the shoulder. It is very possible that this will all get better with age and condition. But that is where the calfe appears to be right now.
From the pic - she is not great and she is not really bad - not a keeper - at this age anyways - a slaughter animal - might improve with age.

You can still do well in classes that do not depend upon conformation.

Work it, train it and do your best.

If you do not do well in classes that depend upon conformation, realize in advance this is only normal and show that you are a good sport about it all.

Know every fine detail about your calf - birth weight, class weight, average daily gain, cost per day to keep her, what she would bring on the open market as a kill animal, know everything about her diet - what you feed her - down to percentages of feed ingredients, what she drinks in a day, what she likes and does not like, know how many hours a day you spend with her, know everythinbg about her parents - both sides and the beat goes on.

My favourite questions to ask the kids:

What are the weak points of your calf as you see them? Always got a surprized look.

And - what are the stronger points of your calf as you see them?

When the judge asks - smile and answer on a clear and confident voice - look the judge in the eye. Always be polite and do not be afraid to initiate eye contact.

Show you like your animal - do not be afraid to put your arm around its neck or pet it when you are not setting it up - I always liked to see a bit of bond between the animal and the person showing - it showed me who did the work! Yeah, judges can often tell who put in the work by the way the animal and the person showing it interacted - and I often looked down the line to see if this was happening - even if I was talking to someone else at the time.

Smile at the crowd and wave at them ALL when you leave the ring - even if you leave in last place.

All of this and more will stand you in good stead with the show crowd - and the judges. Winning is not everything - but it might bring you a bigger price at the sale - if you are selling her.

So - I will not critique your calf any more than my opening line - because I am not a fan of shows and kids and calves any more - be that as it may - once you get good at it you can still take home a lot of money and a lot of ribbons and trophies if you get good at only a few things:

1.Showing a calf to its best potential
2.Dealing with crowds, judges and competition.

Best to you

I my opinion, most brangus are weak behind the shoulders. If you watch a good kid show, they show that out of them.

My suggestion would be to take her to a show and see how she compares to the other brangus. She does have faults, but so does a lot of other brangus on the show road. In Texas last year, there were some really good brangus that cost the big bucks being roaded(purchased for $7,000 and up), but some were terrible. I think yours will be middle of the road. Good showmanship can earn you a spot higher.

If you are in the Denton area, the North Texas Fair is in August.
Snider_Angus":19krrvl9 said:
never heard of waving to the croud!! :lol:

Somehow I suspect there are a lot of things many of us have not heard about

Enjoy you time showing and learn something new every day

Always be known as the humble good guy - it will get you farther than you could ever imagine in the show circle

Take care

i'll post better pics of her in a couple days. those were taken at the start of the summer.
Her bottom line leads me to believe she's got some brangus in her. She's not to clean in the sheath area. Most brahman or brangus influenced heifers show these traits. If I was going to show her I'd put her on full feed with some beet pulp added to help her abdomen bloom a little and walk/exercise her everday to try and put some fullness in her heart-girth area.
Not trying to be too critical but you asked for honest opinion.

Remember this also: Every judge and every show is different. It all comes down to one person't opinion. Even if me or one of my kids were not showing and we were just watching a show; I can't tell you the number of times I've seen judges pick their number one calf and I thought, "Is this guy crazy?".

Don'd beat yourself up over a weakly placed animal. We as a whole have put too much emphasis on ribbons and jackpot winnings and taken emphasis off the grading of the carcass. Sometimes the lowest placing animals at the show have the best genetics for marbling. BTW, my opinions will change when you can start going to the meat market and buy hair by the pound and cook it in a recipe for the evening meal!
She is a brangus. i will post new pics of her and the cow she is out of. the cow she is out of is amazing

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