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funky 4-Her

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Feb 24, 2007
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Ontario, Canada
Here are a couple pics of the heifer I'm planning on showing this year. She is a red holstein. 6 months old here. I know most you here are more of experts on beef cattle, but what do you think about this one?


I think you have a somewhat practical heifer there but not necessarily the showiest one. She looks to me like a very dairy and feminine heifer which is a good start but I don't think she has depth and correctness of body to be very competitive. I'd like to see her be much deeper in her chest and rear rib. Give her that filled out look. I'd also like to see her rump structure a little more parallel. In the pictures you have in the link she looks ok but as you scroll through them she slopes pretty badly from hooks to pins. She looks good from the withers to the hooks and carries herself well, I'll give her that. Like I said earlier...a very practical heifer, one that down the road might drop that rip and look really good but right now just a little green but breed her to a good bull when she's ready and you might get that showy heifer you're looking for.
Thanks Spenrod. What you said is kind of what I was thinking. I am not positive that this is the one that I want to show yet. I'm going to wait till i have to pick one for sure and see how she looks. we just changed her feed so shes really not looking her best right now.

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