Show heifer bagging up ready to calve

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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
One of our show heifers missed her due date about 9 wks ago, but has suddenly sprung up overnight looking like she's ready to pop.

Only trouble is, the time frame puts her at being bred in the last 2 days of Melbourne Royal show last year, or the first few days of coming back home :shock:

So the question is ... did a bull get loose overnight at the show, and join her? Will we be welcoming a hereford cross calf? Or a highland? Limo? Belgian blue? lol

I actually think when we got home that night at some ridiculous hour, we had 11 animals to find spaces for, and I think we threw her in with the big bull overnight, because she was supposed to be several months bred. So I THINK that he may have bred her.

But we will have to wait and see :oops: what comes out :lol2:

She is entered for melbourne show this year lol hopefully the calf is grey!
show steer up":2z9g11i3 said:
:shock: who did it :shock: got ta love it.

Gotta love it, for sure.

We bought a longhorn heifer, supposed to be open. Well, turns out she's bred. So we ALL think its to the previous owner's sim/angus bull. No problem, he's safe for heifers, and a really nice bull (one of the stouter 734 sons I've seen). She calves. No way its the sim/angus bull. a beautifully colored red and white roan/speckled calf. It was actually the longhorn bull that got to her. Ended up better than we expected. Instead of her being 2 months bred right now, she's got a beautiful, healthy calf at side.

We bought a group of LH several years ago that when my brother went to pick them up owner said the bull had torn in with them so some might be bred. All but two had calves. Great buy since the surprise calves nearly paid for their mama's right off the bat!
Keren":3uob23ze said:
A grey baldie you reckon Knersie?

Now what exactly am I going to do with a show cow walkin round melbourne show with a grey baldie at her side? :lol2:

Get the peanut gallery going? :lol2:
My son showed a 5 month old jersey heifer calf last year at the local fair. We took her home after the Fair late on night and unloaded her in the lot. Next morning, the bull was standing in the lot with her. Didn't think much about it. Went to get her out of the heifer pasture to put with the bull last month and noticed that overnight she'd bagged up and started springing pretty heavy. She laid down at 14 months old and squirted out a 31lb. heifer calf. (as small as a jackrabbit). Not too fond of having an accidental breeding but everything went OK. At least now we'll get to show her as a fresh cow. She's in really good body condition and has developed a rather nice bag.
Keren":1b7si1pe said:
oh sorry, she had a grey calf :D so all is good

So Keren, who's the daddy ??? I hope he won grand champion.. ;-)

Glad all worked out, I hate surprises unless they turn out good for me.. :lol2:

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