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Aug 22, 2009
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Is it poor etiquette to have a ranch brand, advertising logo, or any other advertising representing the owner or breeder of the animal on a shirt when showing cattle?
i think they mean wearing a T-shirt with a logo on it.

For our county fair all 4-h exhibitors are REQUIRED to wear a 4-H T-shirt that is mainly white. But i don't know about open class...
I don't believe it is poor etiquette, but I personally think a button down should be worn in the show ring. Some of our county fairs are required to wear a t-shirt that is provided. They have several sponsers on the back of the shirts. Maybe you could advertise like that??
In a junior show, brand a shoulder or get custom ear tags. Open show, anything is fair game.
however there is nothing wrong with a ranch brand, Fire brands are tacky and detract from the animal. If branding always freeze brand
Obviously nothing can be done about an animal that is branded. I was referring to the showman, and if it was appropriate to wear a starched, collared shirt with ranch I.D. on it. I have always been of the opinion that it was in poor taste. Just my opinion, and wondered what others thought.

Personally, I think Australian is on the right track, although wearing a uniform might not be quite what our girls with their sequins, rhinestones, and hot pink show sticks would like to see. -g-

Thanks all for your comments.

I have another question on fly bites, and will try to find a different forum to post.

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